Shit Punters Say

They’re called hobbyists, johns, and punters.
From innocent virgins, trolls, to tweakers hitting me up at 4am assuming I never sleep, and man babies with big egos.
When escort clients say the darndest things. Without further ado..

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More to add in the future!


Happy Vagentine’s Day

My boyfriend *Kai acted a bit out of character this morning. Nothing weird. Just a little more affectionate than usual… Then I realised it’s because it’s Valentines Day.

Single girls be all like “ugh whatever, it’s just a stupid cliche CORNY day where you get flowers and chocolates. Where couples do cheesy activities together. Pffft, lame.” And girls that are already in relationships be like “I don’t need flowers or to be treated special on this very day, everyday should be a special day!”
But in reality, every girl (I can speak for most girls) wants to be given flowers and taken out. It’s the Cinderella in us.

We pretend not to cos we don’t want to seem vulnerable and lame, but we secretly want them, and hope that our boyfriends will show us how romantic they are by surprising us anyway.
“Women aye? Hahahhaha hahahahaah hahahaha!!” (In Tom Green’s most sarcastic annoying laugh)

True Story Bro.

Kai shared me a story last year where his ex said she didn’t want flowers, and she got upset when he didn’t get her any (Women aye? Hahahahah hahahah hahaha!!). Last year, I said the same to him. I said I don’t want any flowers… When I secretly hoped he’d surprise me with some (Women aye? Hahahaha hahahah hahhahahahahahahhahhhah!!)

(Most) Men are straight forward and up front. Whereas we like to play mind games, and hope men can read our minds. Nope. Turns out they cannot read the female mind. So I made it clear to him this time Valentines.
I want to do the cliche, and I want some flowers. Funny that, he actually asked for flowers too. For a minute I was like, umm.. what? But then I got it.

Equality. That’s what.

So today I’ll look for some pretty flowers I think he’ll like. Then I’m gonna wait till he finishes work, then we’re gonna have lots of sex tonight.

*Name changed for anonymity

Repping 2018

Started from a blog and now we here
Started a million blogs, and now my entries are all fuckin’ here.

Me like a million of other people start a blog, but barely tend to it. So like omg wow, it’s been a long time since my last post guys (says a million other people that start blogs). This was meant to be posted back in January, but hey fuck it here it goes:

Happy new year! As the fireworks went off, I reflected on the past year. I felt as if I achieved so much, as well as went through some hardships.

I went overseas for the first time with my boyfriend, and had a really great time. We’ve learned a lot from each other, and found that we have such laid back and relaxed personalities.
He has such a loving and sweet energy about him, the type that you wished you had in highschool. Not the popular jock guy, but the shy and quiet nerd. The one that everybody thought was weird, but you secretly thought was cute, and knew he was very sweet on the inside.
Rewinding back 2 years ago, I was bitching about how there’s no guy I seemed to click with in this busy city (and also that I’ve become so anxious that I can’t meet someone without making a complete ass of myself).

I started my own business. Working for myself as a true independent. It’s such an unpredictable business. You can have no job for 2 weeks, and then you start doubting yourself and then BOOM you’ve got 3 jobs in a day. I’m not a high volume provider (meaning I’m not really busy), but overall business has been good. The clients I’ve met have been pretty interesting too. I’d like to say I attract a certain type of client, but they’re so… broad.
From 20 year old university students (and a couple of virgins), to middle aged businessmen. And man are some of these men attractive!

Last but not least, I went through a massive hurdle last year where I put my trust in someone and they betrayed me. This ordeal went for 9 months, and I finally took the courage to take legal action and to take back what was mine. Moral of the story guys, don’t let someone persuade or convince you to do something you’re unsure/on the fence about. If you choose to do whatever you’re unsure about, chances are it’s not good. I guess that is your gut feeling.
(It is no easy work practicing spirituality and trusting your intuition. You play tricks on yourself).

I’m also working on becoming more of a normal person this year. Normal as in:
– Waking up before midday (been aiming for 9am-10am)
– Find a normal part time job
– Get out and try to meet more people + exercise my social anxiety
– Establish a daily routine
– Be more kind and patient with myself šŸ™‚

ā€œIā€™m in love with a hooker”

I grew up thinking that all guys wanted was sex.
Growing up in high school, all the guys showed me just that.

Entering the escorting arena, I carried this very thought with me too. That it was all (take the money) then wham, bang, and thank you ma’am. But somewhere between the drop of the envelope, some superficial small talk, a round or two in the sheets… Feelings got caught. And they weren’t mine.

You’d think that things were clear after the cash has been exchanged, that it was gonna be nothing more than sexy fun in between the sheets.
I didn’t understand why men wanted to complicate something that’s meant to be simple, straightforward, and easy. Isn’t that what they wanted in the first place?
Like one of the reasons why men see escorts was because they’ve gone through the falling in love, and have settled nice and comfy with their wives and girlfriends… To the point that there was no more excitement in the bedroom.
I’m ALL for giving excitement, passionate sex, or playing the dirty schoolgirl slut. But what I’m not up for is getting nuked by the ‘L’ word.

Back in my agency days, I remember being in the arms of one of my regulars. We were standing face to face, eyes locked onto each other, almost touching lips when he said:
“I love you. It is what it is”.
Uhhh no it is not. You’ve got a wife and a family with kids my age. You pay me for my time. You should know what this relationship is. What we have will be nothing more.
Feeling really uncomfortable, I had to answer him quick. No way am I going to tell him I felt the same (I think it’s wrong to mislead clients for the sake of earning more money). I said “That is very sweet… I really enjoy spending time with you too”.
This regular client was called Robert (not his real name). It was only the beginning of our relationship, did it evolve very quickly into a sugar daddy relationship, even though it was never labeled that.
He would see me very often. I would spend my weekends, and sometimes a few days with him. I even went on a couple holidays with him overseas.
I really liked him in the beginning. I can even say infatuated because he was a nice looking guy, knew how to dress, very well spoken, chivalrous, and I liked his accent.

Then he got my personal number, and we started messaging each other without my agency passing on the messages to him. Then he’d start sending me messages when he was drunk, telling me his feelings towards me, and how jealous he feels knowing I might be dating someone else, and how he needs me to feel the same way towards him. He was getting real needy, and I needed a break from him. I really I did.
It got to the point when he’d see me every week, and I was so close to a mental breakdown. At that point, I wondered how in hell did gold diggers do it? These women marry, even have kids and dedicate years of their lives to get a piece of fortune. Thank god I had friends at the time that knew my situation, and was there to support me, and gave me some good pep talk. That this wasn’t going to last forever, and this is the best money that I’ll ever make. And it was true.
I was really raking it in. I’d be raking more in if I didn’t fake a few sickies from him.
Well, things eventually cooled down. The tables turned when it was my turn to get needy. Financially needy that is.
I told him I quitted the agency, and since he’s been seeing me for a while now, maybe he can help me out whenever he came to town. He initially agreed, but then he started paying me less whenever we saw each other. Then the meetings became less, and so did his messages.
It’s funny how it’s okay for someone to offer their help to you initially, and promise to help you. You’re polite about it, and refuse. But when the crunch comes, they don’t keep to their word.
I find this also happens a lot in everyday life. There’s always someone that says ‘oh my gosh, I’m so gonna do this for you/ask me for help anytime/we’re gonna hang out/whatever’, and they’re full of shit!

Anyway, I think after 2 and a half years, it was a nice finish to our relationship. I wanted it to end anyway, and I’m even surprised it lasted this long. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have experienced some of the finest things in life. Like staying in beautiful luxurious hotels, known what it’d be like to be in a private jet mid air, or own my very first car.

Now that I’m independent, I’m very much happier being an escort and seeing clients for short periods at a time vs spending a weekend with someone. It’s so mentally drainining.

Being in the sex industry has made me realise that men are just as emotional as women, and it is indeed more than sex. Men need just as much attention and affection. Behind their egos, sexual fantasies and erections… There’s a bit of loneliness/emptiness, and a need for some company. I guess that is why more men have depression over women.

No it is not. You’ve got a wife and a family with kids my age. You pay me for my time. What we have will be nothing more. You’re 30 years my senior, and even though I’m all for older men, I usually like to keep love interests close to my age bracket.
I didn’t understand why men wanted to complicate something that’s meant to be simple, straightforward, and easy. Isn’t that what they wanted in the first place?

Find A Guy That Can Make You Cum

Find a guy that can make you cum.

Orgasms are the bomb, and if a guy can make you cum, then he’s a great guy. In fact, he’s a nice guy.
Nice guys DO finish last. Right after he made sure you finished first.

I’ve been with all sorts of guys (in my private life). Guys that are oblivious to a girl’s clit, guys that go too hard on it, guys that can’t take criticism, to guys that are so vanilla and boring, they think girls can warm themselves up through kissing, then expect a girl to take care of herself – guys that put themselves first. Ugh.

Then you get the nice guys.
The guys that take their time with you. Take the time to get to know you. They might push a few wrong buttons, but you steer them in the right direction, and they’re cool with that. Maybe you have a bit of stage fright, but reassures you that it’s okay.. Because he’s determined to take you to that destination.

Guys that can make you cum are giving. They want to get to know you. Because having great sex is a two way street, and never just about him blowing his load then rolling over to sleep. It’s sex etiquette really. You hold the door open for me, I’ll do the same for you.

I think that’s the problem with porn. Most of it is about serving the guy, being his little cum slut – making him feel good. The big money shot is him blowing his load all over her face at the end of the video, and she kneels there pretending to be satisfied and relieved. You rarely see the girl have a happy ending.

That needs to stop.

And please, girls need to stop faking their orgasms. Unless you’re a hooker, and your client’s tiring the shit out of your vagina, it feels fucking uncomfortable (but he’s determined) so you gotta give him the grand fake O so he can stop.
Other than that, you’re sending the wrong messages, and encouraging him to rub you the wrong way.

ANYWAY, I think it’s pretty special when you find someone that makes you cum. Because it’s not very easy for girls. If a guy learns to push the right buttons, and not rely on his good looks to please her, then he’s a skilled, generous, and emotionally intelligent gentleman.

Of course it helps when you know how to get yourself off, so you can direct your partner better.

I had my first orgasm when I was 4 (I experimented and played with myself a lot so that helped lol). Some girls have never achieved an orgasm before, and that sucks. I think we must all have some sort of technique (no matter how strange), to get off.

So I think more guys need to use their hands and tongues more.

And stop relying on their dick.

Let’s not waste each other’s time

I was recently put on the spot by a client. He asked me “Did you have fun with me tonight?”
I put on my best smile, and said “Of course I did! It was so good to see you again”. His eyes searched my mine, looking for truth and honesty.

What did he think I was gonna say? “I was bored out of my mind making out with you for an hour. I wished you could’ve at least TRIED to get a hard on”??

Of course not.

This guy broke some big rules of punting, It would’ve driven any sex worker mad.
Firstly, he stayed half an hour longer, and when I told him time was up, he was upset.

“I don’t have any more money on me, but I want to stay longer”

No. Just…… Get the fuck out.

Not only that he wanted to stay longer for free, he ask me out on a date a few days later!!! Throughout this funny little career of mine, I’ve never been asked out on a date. I get more dick pics and guys telling me how hard they’re jerking off at the moment. But never a date proposal. So it was in a way, flattering.

But I hate to break the bad news to these guys, but if I wanted a mate or a boyfriend, I’ll get on Tinder. Why the fuck would I charge for sex in disguise of finding friendship/romance?
I’m trying to run my own business, and build a brand for myself here, and I get people that want to waste my time. So it fucking infuriates me.

You know, if I was working in a cafe or some shitty retail shop, and a customer asked me out to dinner, I’d be more than happy to tell him I’ve got a boyfriend.
But as an escort, I’m selling a sexually appealing image of myself. I’m selling the fantasy of a free spirited fun loving SINGLE girl. In my opinion.

And I wished some guys would stop trying to be my ‘friend’, or try to ‘save’ me.
I don’t need fucking saving. I know you may have met some sad depressed cliched hookers that have it hard and get into the game for the wrong reasons.
I feel you. Bro.
But there are some 100% consensual right minded girls that enter this game for the RIGHT reasons.

People need to stop watching those terrible movies or reading those crappy books that put escorts in the bad limelight.

We all get paid something by the hour. You hate working overtime without getting paid?

Well I do too.

Rhymes on B Street

Tonight I walked past the building where I lived a year ago.
I was in such a dark place back then, and did lots of self reflection amongst bad connections.
As I waited for my uber to pull up, I stood outside the glass window and wrote this little poem:

Black n white zig zagged memories
When I’ve lost a lot of calories
Soft soft pats of a black kitty cat
It was an empty house, now that’s a fact
Strange messy nights, and feeling alone
Just sitting on the couch, day by day,
Getting stoned
It was cold and quiet, so very still
Emotional scars, all very real
A distinct smell, when I walk through the door
A luxurious bedroom, with a navy wall
Perhaps I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of it all
Instead I went mad, distressed, like I hit a brick wall
Despite the emptiness, and anxiety, that I did feel
There was a beauty behind it, bits of sex appeal
Of the fantasies I’ve conquered,
Through my mind I wondered…
Strange times on my Street
It was strange indeed
With screaming and yells, broken hearts, from downstairs
Other’s messy nights, emotions thrown in the air
Was good to get a chance to reminisce, tonight
I look up the building, staring long, in delight