A Poem About Some Guy

Pull me close and shag me senseless
Grab my hair and dazzle my senses
Lick your lips and show me the way
The way you do, the way you sway
An afternoon sun, dances in the air
As he smiles with his eyes, and gives me his share
The share of his love, his touch and his mouth
The touch of my skin, as he moves down south
Back and forth we move with ease
Day or night, let’s do as we please
Blankets to bed, blankets to floor
Pillow talk pillow talk, share me your stories, and more
I’ll play with your dreads, but not with your heart
Trust this girl, she’s good from the start
An innocent demeanor, of giggles and fun
A cute girl in pink, he knows of her none
Little does he know, there’s eggshells about
If he learns of my tales, I think he might pout
So let’s take a detour, to the lighter side of things
Where I’ll show you my moves, and the love I can bring
In my piece of heaven, we can hug all day
Where you can touch me all over, and go all the way