Nowhere 2015

I was waiting to see a girl named Luna do her poledance performance at this raunchy camp. My acid high was just beginning to take full effect, and I was sitting, buzzing, and enjoying the performances as I waited patiently.
I suddenly heard from a distance, music beats that I’ve never heard before.. It was very bassy, unpredictable, non-monotonous unlike shitty techno.. I didn’t know what it was!
I couldn’t sit still, and got a bit restless (I could even say aroused, cos I just wanted to fuck the music it was that good) I calmed myself down and told myself that the night is still very young, events were just starting. I should just relax and enjoy the show… Eventually I’ll get to dance.
The performers leading up to Luna were pretty entertaining though. I had a butch lesbian gyrating to Bad To The Bone throw me a rubber dog toy filled with what’s meant to be makeshift cum. Luna’s performance, was pretty anti-climactic. Being an ex stripper, I knew what a real pole performance looked like. But I came to watch, and I came to support. After her performance finished, I left to find the source of this sexy music…
The music lead me to a giant pair of spinning hamster wheels, with blasting fire!! Holy fuck! I was starting to shiver with excitement

To make things even wetter in my pants, I discovered that this stage was run by 4 gorgeous Czech guys.

I danced all night till day while watching the waxing moon slowly disappear with the night. I even got to chill with the cool kids. Orange vodka, hash, and cherry liquor was passed around. I even got to play with their fire remote control that lets you choose which outlet sprays fire (they referred to it as a Nintendo controller).

When the blazing sun really hit us at midday, 2 Czech guys remained.
One attractive older one with a red mohawk, and another that was younger and less attractive. The original guy I liked had a girlfriend, and didn’t speak English at all. He liked me too, which was a shame. So left waaay earlier.

At the end I got with the younger – less attractive one. We’ll call him P. Dog
He asked for a kiss, and I was hesitant at first, but then thought about the loss I made with the guy that I came to the festival with. A guy I’d been previously seeing. He got a new girlfriend, but decided to sleep with me anyway. Once we arrived, he fucked off and didn’t even want to hang out platonically.
Once our lips touched, I was instantly hooked. There was an energy about him that drew me in. He was charming, had a way with words, intelligent and the producer of the sexy music that drew me towards his stage in the first place.

Whether I got laid or not, I had the best fucking time of my life.
Love love love loved it.

Such an unforgettable experience, and ever so grateful that I got to go to something like this in my early twenties.

Take me there again. And again. And again. And again. And again….