Back In The Escort Game

I never thought I’d get back into this.


Who knew that tonight, I’d be sitting here chilling with someone I really love, in a cosy bedroom doing our own thing, and with a gorgeous little kitty keeping us company… When just 10 minutes ago, I came back from sucking a guy off for cash.
When my partner knew right well where I’ve been, but nonetheless, greets me with a hug and a kiss.

Nope. Never in my right mind I’d think I’d be this content tonight.

Rewinding back to 2 years ago, I quit because the money was getting shit, I didn’t like the people I worked with, I didn’t like the way they ran things, and…. I wanted to fall in love. After being single for so long, and having a bunch of meaningless encounters, you get lonely.

I wanted a spark. I wanted to love, and I wanted to be loved.

I had this fucked thing in my head thinking that all the guys that genuinely liked me judged me for what I did, and treated me different.
So I wanted to try and lead a normal life, and so hopefully I can find someone nice, and I didn’t have to hide what I did all the time. So when that dumbass question “what do you do for work” comes up, I don’t have to fidget, freak out, and do the ums and ahs about what I do.
Didn’t turn out too well though… I don’t think I can go and do something normal, like work in a coffee shop, or sell clothes. I’d feel like I’m wasting my time.
Why? When I can get over the stigma of prostitution, and see it as just another job?
Like most people, I really don’t know what I want to do, and fuck knows where I’m going in life.

So I may as well save myself 30 hours a week doing something I don’t really want to, dealing with people I don’t really want to deal with, and focus more on my hobbies, and find what my passions really are.

It feels so empowering being my own boss. And to have found a partner that’s so supportive, and seeing it as just another job as well. That is something special.

It takes someone really special to be able to love a whore.