Blood Is Thicker Than Water?

I wrote a short poem about my estranged sister some time ago.

I wish we could’ve got along,
I wish you weren’t such a bitch
I wish you were much happier,
And not an envious witch
I wish you weren’t a know it all,
Just admit you don’t know shit
Why hide your weaknesses?
I see through your wall
Artificial and fake, right to the core!

Ugh. I tried.
I tried cos I have this deep sense of family ingrained in me.

Blood is not thicker than water guys. If your family sucks dick, just stop trying to be around that negativity, just because.
Just because you’re family, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to giving/lending money to your family members. Just because you’re family, doesn’t mean you can be a freeloader, just because you’re family, doesn’t mean you own or owe anything to your family !!

I’m known as the super private person among the females in the family.
It hurts them that I don’t share everything with them, and they don’t know what I get up to. They think I’m the strange one of them all, and that I on purposely exclude myself from the family cos I’m a selfish bitch.

I hide cos they’ll think they own some part of my income. That I should help and support them cos “we’re family man, you gotta do the right thing”