Rhymes on B Street

Tonight I walked past the building where I lived a year ago.
I was in such a dark place back then, and did lots of self reflection amongst bad connections.
As I waited for my uber to pull up, I stood outside the glass window and wrote this little poem:

Black n white zig zagged memories
When I’ve lost a lot of calories
Soft soft pats of a black kitty cat
It was an empty house, now that’s a fact
Strange messy nights, and feeling alone
Just sitting on the couch, day by day,
Getting stoned
It was cold and quiet, so very still
Emotional scars, all very real
A distinct smell, when I walk through the door
A luxurious bedroom, with a navy wall
Perhaps I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of it all
Instead I went mad, distressed, like I hit a brick wall
Despite the emptiness, and anxiety, that I did feel
There was a beauty behind it, bits of sex appeal
Of the fantasies I’ve conquered,
Through my mind I wondered…
Strange times on my Street
It was strange indeed
With screaming and yells, broken hearts, from downstairs
Other’s messy nights, emotions thrown in the air
Was good to get a chance to reminisce, tonight
I look up the building, staring long, in delight