Let’s not waste each other’s time

I was recently put on the spot by a client. He asked me “Did you have fun with me tonight?”
I put on my best smile, and said “Of course I did! It was so good to see you again”. His eyes searched my mine, looking for truth and honesty.

What did he think I was gonna say? “I was bored out of my mind making out with you for an hour. I wished you could’ve at least TRIED to get a hard on”??

Of course not.

This guy broke some big rules of punting, It would’ve driven any sex worker mad.
Firstly, he stayed half an hour longer, and when I told him time was up, he was upset.

“I don’t have any more money on me, but I want to stay longer”

No. Just…… Get the fuck out.

Not only that he wanted to stay longer for free, he ask me out on a date a few days later!!! Throughout this funny little career of mine, I’ve never been asked out on a date. I get more dick pics and guys telling me how hard they’re jerking off at the moment. But never a date proposal. So it was in a way, flattering.

But I hate to break the bad news to these guys, but if I wanted a mate or a boyfriend, I’ll get on Tinder. Why the fuck would I charge for sex in disguise of finding friendship/romance?
I’m trying to run my own business, and build a brand for myself here, and I get people that want to waste my time. So it fucking infuriates me.

You know, if I was working in a cafe or some shitty retail shop, and a customer asked me out to dinner, I’d be more than happy to tell him I’ve got a boyfriend.
But as an escort, I’m selling a sexually appealing image of myself. I’m selling the fantasy of a free spirited fun loving SINGLE girl. In my opinion.

And I wished some guys would stop trying to be my ‘friend’, or try to ‘save’ me.
I don’t need fucking saving. I know you may have met some sad depressed cliched hookers that have it hard and get into the game for the wrong reasons.
I feel you. Bro.
But there are some 100% consensual right minded girls that enter this game for the RIGHT reasons.

People need to stop watching those terrible movies or reading those crappy books that put escorts in the bad limelight.

We all get paid something by the hour. You hate working overtime without getting paid?

Well I do too.