Find A Guy That Can Make You Cum

Find a guy that can make you cum.

Orgasms are the bomb, and if a guy can make you cum, then he’s a great guy. In fact, he’s a nice guy.
Nice guys DO finish last. Right after he made sure you finished first.

I’ve been with all sorts of guys (in my private life). Guys that are oblivious to a girl’s clit, guys that go too hard on it, guys that can’t take criticism, to guys that are so vanilla and boring, they think girls can warm themselves up through kissing, then expect a girl to take care of herself – guys that put themselves first. Ugh.

Then you get the nice guys.
The guys that take their time with you. Take the time to get to know you. They might push a few wrong buttons, but you steer them in the right direction, and they’re cool with that. Maybe you have a bit of stage fright, but reassures you that it’s okay.. Because he’s determined to take you to that destination.

Guys that can make you cum are giving. They want to get to know you. Because having great sex is a two way street, and never just about him blowing his load then rolling over to sleep. It’s sex etiquette really. You hold the door open for me, I’ll do the same for you.

I think that’s the problem with porn. Most of it is about serving the guy, being his little cum slut – making him feel good. The big money shot is him blowing his load all over her face at the end of the video, and she kneels there pretending to be satisfied and relieved. You rarely see the girl have a happy ending.

That needs to stop.

And please, girls need to stop faking their orgasms. Unless you’re a hooker, and your client’s tiring the shit out of your vagina, it feels fucking uncomfortable (but he’s determined) so you gotta give him the grand fake O so he can stop.
Other than that, you’re sending the wrong messages, and encouraging him to rub you the wrong way.

ANYWAY, I think it’s pretty special when you find someone that makes you cum. Because it’s not very easy for girls. If a guy learns to push the right buttons, and not rely on his good looks to please her, then he’s a skilled, generous, and emotionally intelligent gentleman.

Of course it helps when you know how to get yourself off, so you can direct your partner better.

I had my first orgasm when I was 4 (I experimented and played with myself a lot so that helped lol). Some girls have never achieved an orgasm before, and that sucks. I think we must all have some sort of technique (no matter how strange), to get off.

So I think more guys need to use their hands and tongues more.

And stop relying on their dick.