Repping 2018

Started from a blog and now we here
Started a million blogs, and now my entries are all fuckin’ here.

Me like a million of other people start a blog, but barely tend to it. So like omg wow, it’s been a long time since my last post guys (says a million other people that start blogs). This was meant to be posted back in January, but hey fuck it here it goes:

Happy new year! As the fireworks went off, I reflected on the past year. I felt as if I achieved so much, as well as went through some hardships.

I went overseas for the first time with my boyfriend, and had a really great time. We’ve learned a lot from each other, and found that we have such laid back and relaxed personalities.
He has such a loving and sweet energy about him, the type that you wished you had in highschool. Not the popular jock guy, but the shy and quiet nerd. The one that everybody thought was weird, but you secretly thought was cute, and knew he was very sweet on the inside.
Rewinding back 2 years ago, I was bitching about how there’s no guy I seemed to click with in this busy city (and also that I’ve become so anxious that I can’t meet someone without making a complete ass of myself).

I started my own business. Working for myself as a true independent. It’s such an unpredictable business. You can have no job for 2 weeks, and then you start doubting yourself and then BOOM you’ve got 3 jobs in a day. I’m not a high volume provider (meaning I’m not really busy), but overall business has been good. The clients I’ve met have been pretty interesting too. I’d like to say I attract a certain type of client, but they’re so… broad.
From 20 year old university students (and a couple of virgins), to middle aged businessmen. And man are some of these men attractive!

Last but not least, I went through a massive hurdle last year where I put my trust in someone and they betrayed me. This ordeal went for 9 months, and I finally took the courage to take legal action and to take back what was mine. Moral of the story guys, don’t let someone persuade or convince you to do something you’re unsure/on the fence about. If you choose to do whatever you’re unsure about, chances are it’s not good. I guess that is your gut feeling.
(It is no easy work practicing spirituality and trusting your intuition. You play tricks on yourself).

I’m also working on becoming more of a normal person this year. Normal as in:
– Waking up before midday (been aiming for 9am-10am)
– Find a normal part time job
– Get out and try to meet more people + exercise my social anxiety
– Establish a daily routine
– Be more kind and patient with myself šŸ™‚