Happy Vagentine’s Day

My boyfriend *Kai acted a bit out of character this morning. Nothing weird. Just a little more affectionate than usual… Then I realised it’s because it’s Valentines Day.

Single girls be all like “ugh whatever, it’s just a stupid cliche CORNY day where you get flowers and chocolates. Where couples do cheesy activities together. Pffft, lame.” And girls that are already in relationships be like “I don’t need flowers or to be treated special on this very day, everyday should be a special day!”
But in reality, every girl (I can speak for most girls) wants to be given flowers and taken out. It’s the Cinderella in us.

We pretend not to cos we don’t want to seem vulnerable and lame, but we secretly want them, and hope that our boyfriends will show us how romantic they are by surprising us anyway.
“Women aye? Hahahhaha hahahahaah hahahaha!!” (In Tom Green’s most sarcastic annoying laugh)

True Story Bro.

Kai shared me a story last year where his ex said she didn’t want flowers, and she got upset when he didn’t get her any (Women aye? Hahahahah hahahah hahaha!!). Last year, I said the same to him. I said I don’t want any flowers… When I secretly hoped he’d surprise me with some (Women aye? Hahahaha hahahah hahhahahahahahahhahhhah!!)

(Most) Men are straight forward and up front. Whereas we like to play mind games, and hope men can read our minds. Nope. Turns out they cannot read the female mind. So I made it clear to him this time Valentines.
I want to do the cliche, and I want some flowers. Funny that, he actually asked for flowers too. For a minute I was like, umm.. what? But then I got it.

Equality. That’s what.

So today I’ll look for some pretty flowers I think he’ll like. Then I’m gonna wait till he finishes work, then we’re gonna have lots of sex tonight.

*Name changed for anonymity